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Tocotowels Towel Size Chart

What are the different sizes of towels?

Towel Buying Guide

Wash Cloths : 13"x13" also known as dish cloths. Usually using in kitchen to dry dish. Multi-purpose towels are great all drying, wiping and cleaning through your home, kitchen, restaurant. Cotton Wash Cloths are lightweight, absorbent and dry quickly for everyday use to keep dishes, glasses clean. Also they are great housewarming and hostess gifts.

Fingertip Towels Size: 11"x"18" ; also known as face towel. This is a convenient towel to have in the home, especially if a quick hand wash is needed. They can be used in bathroom, kitchen, guest room. Also they can be used as tea towels. They are great housewarming and hostess gifts.

Hand Towels: 16"x28"-30", this towel can be used to dry your hands. It is also a great size for drying your hair. We use them everyday.

Bath Towel: 27"x52"-58"  this large size towel can be used for drying off after a bath or shower.  We use them everyday.

Bath Sheet: 35"x60"-70"  this extra large size towel can be used for drying off after a bath or shower. Bath sheets offer an extra luxury. It can be use in spa salon.

Beach Towels: 30"x60" They can be used at beach, pool.


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